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The Heart tells it All

God lets us know throughout the bible that the heart is were He resides. He lets us know that what comes out of out heart is what comes out of our mouth. We should always be watchful about our discussions with others and be mindful of our thoughts, for the things we say and do shows our heart posture. How is our posture? Is it full of love and gentleness or it is full of gossip and deceit. God knows us by our heart and the spirit we have within. If our hearts are not pure, then we have some work to do to earn our spots into the Eternal Kingdom. The heart houses our emotions, feelings and its the temple of God. When we speak to others they should know our heart and not façade that we show to the outside world. God wants what is true and real, not falseness that we dress up ourselves in for the people. The heart tells it all, lets clean up the heart with the help of the Holy Spirit so that our mouth and our heart is in alignment.

Matthew 15:18, ESV " But what comes out of the mouth proceeds form the heart, and this defiles a person"


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