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To Love

When we have been wronged, it hard to show love or even have love for that person. The world tells us that are love is based off of feelings and emotion, that if we have feelings for someone or to show feelings towards someone that determines our love status for them. God wants love to be a moral characteristic, not a feeling. If we based our love off of feelings, we would love the person today and not tomorrow. God loves us, he loved us from the very beginning of our life until the present, and he continuously loves us. He doesn't just love us one day and not the other, he loves faithful everyday. If God used his feelings to love us, knowing how unworthy we are, do you think that he would love us today? He is telling us regardless of how we feel, show love. If someone has wronged us, betrayed us, stabbed us in the back, our forever quality is to show love to that person because God loves us first.

1 John 7 " Dear friends, I am not writing a new commandment for you; rather it is a old one you have heard from the very beginning. This old commandment to love one another is the same message you heard before "


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