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Training Camp

If we have ever played some type of sport, we have have been to training camp or been to what most call "conditioning." When we start new jobs we go through a period of training to know exactly what the task are for us to perform for that specific job. When obtaining a new job, it can be easy to feel like " I already know this, now lets get straight to the job." This course of action will leave us with a ton of mistakes and confusion, because we have not received the proper training. When God calls us to our purpose or our calling after he makes our paths straight, we are going to go through our conditioning period. That is the time his showing us what it is that he wants accomplish and the ropes to accomplishing them. For some it may be higher education, taking those courses is the conditioning period in which it prepares us for the profession. Its always during this periods that we learn our mistakes. Conditioning is for us to to learn and make mistakes so when the day comes we can either be mistake free or can fix what went wrong, almost like a tearing down to be built back up. Its also during this period that coach and the player can see where we are lacking and what we need to do to improve. Lets allow God to be our head coach! He can direct and guide us to the perfection for his kingdom here on Earth, allow him to qualify us for his purpose and his calling for us! Lets not jump a head of him because doing so can cause major problems the day of the game. God will give us the necessary tools we need to make his vision perfect in this eyes ! The Lord will shape, form and get us prepared for the day we are to used for his purpose !

Jeremiah 18:6 ' House of Israel, can I not treat you as the potter treats the his clay?'-- this is the Lord's declaration. ' Just like clay in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand, house of Israel'


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