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God loves us more than we will ever know. His love for us is sacred, pure and encouraging. When we start to have this fleshy feeling to turn back from him, it hurts him to his core. He has poured all that he has to offer to us and yet we turn away. When we do things not of him, or we have been disobedient to his word, we have turned away from the one who is vulnerable to us . In return of is vulnerability, he wants us to be the same way. He wants us to be open, pure and true when we have these talks with him. Think about when we talk to our best friend, we are open and pure to them, and we take the time to be vulnerable to further more create a closeness with them. God wants that same kindred spirit given to him also. He wants our vulnerability to create a closeness with him because the minute we step away, our father is hurt to his core. He does not want us to be ashamed to the point that we stop all together to come to him. He want our yes in all ways including our vulnerability to express ourselves with him.

Song of Solomon 5:6, AMP " I have opened up for my beloved, but my beloved has turned away from me and was gone. My heart went out to him when he spoke. I searched for him, but could not find him; I called him, but he did not answer me"

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