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About Us

Women of worth began with a broken woman, a faithful God, and one question: What am I worth? It was this question that birthed the ministry that touches lives today. The question is not what am I worth, but who determines what I am worth. And there is only one answer to that. The Creator, God Almighty, and the One He sent, Jesus Christ. It is the goal of this ministry to share the Gospel with all unto repentance and belief, disciple unto growth and maturity in Christ, and to build the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. We are so excited to have you, and we encourage you to stick around! 

What to expect 

This is a space that God has carved out for women to receive His Word. You will see different faces, with different focuses that are all submitted to the truth of the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

We partner with women in ministry to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the intent to see souls saved, lives changed and sisters strengthened in their walk with Christ. All of our ministry partners are selected by the leading of the Holy Spirit to share with the women that He has called to this safe place. 

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Ministry Partners